Closed this page, but decided to just reopen it up.

*Where did my comment go? D: WordPress ate part of it!

Be careful on using “><” or that sign in general since wordpress hates it. I can’t help you retreive your lost comment, so please check with the preview button to see if it turned out fine. That or if it’s your first time commenting, you have to wait till it gets approved.

* Where can I download “______”/Can you give me the CGs for this?

Questions like this will be ignored, please either buy the game or look somewhere elsewhere.

As for CGs, they’re sort of the ‘reward’ of the game so go buy the game and play it if you really want them.

* Are there any otome games in english?

Sorry there aren’t any otome games in english, there is only ONE, which is Yo-Jin-Bo by TwoFive. However the company went out of business a while ago so if you manage to find it now you’re pretty lucky.

Alternatives can be: P3P, Princess Debut, Avalon Code, for some features of otome games that are in English

No games I play are in english – unless otherwise stated.

*Askys is translating Hakuouki for PSP so please check that out ! I believe there is some other smaller projects being done so please support the otome community :)

Thanks for taking your time to read this teeny FAQ and important stuff, if you have any other questions comment here, I no longer am leaving my e-mail public as well as of Dec. 28, 2009. If you do need to contact me (business reasons) – please leave a comment here and I’ll e-mail you.

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  1. My Linh

     /  July 12, 2011


    I’m thinking of buying an otome games magazine but I don’t know which one to take between B’s Log and Girl’s Style. Which one would you recommend me? :D

  2. KyleLover

     /  November 15, 2011


    Okay so I want to buy all of Sugar-Beans games! (Like Under the Moon and My Master) But I don’t know if they are sold or shipped to the US. What should I do?


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