[Merchandise] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori – Messe Sanoh Version

As to this date 8’D almost completed alllll endings on Akazukin. I did everyone’s main routes – so just need to do the a couple bad endings I have yet to finish. So will be writing up a review soon~All I can say is :/ due to the last character I did last night…if you saw me on twitter, I REALLY WANT A FANDISC NOW :<

Anyways seems Akazukin is doing super well – since they had to remake and restock a lot of stores with the game as well. If you’ve been keeping with them though – they’ll have more copies out as soon as possible.

Since I think this game was a steal for all the tokuten it came with – here’s my copy and other pictures under the cut~

in a nutshell I’m trying to advertise the freak out of this game, so maybe you guys will buy it, and it will get a fandisc hopefully lmaoo


[Convention] Fanime 2010 & Updates

I don’t have tooo much to say, since it’s been how long ago haha?

Anyways was there day 2 & 3 and had a pretty fun time overall. And I did get FLOW’s autograph although as a tradeoff for that I had to skip their pannel. (more…)

[Doujinshi] Love Sick (Under the Moon) – 『kokoLogic』

Anyways thought I should post on I guess something, so if anyone collects Under the Moon doujinshi this sure is one to get by kokoLogic.

[Merchandise] Starry Sky -in Summer- Anthology

Uhh picked this up like last week haha, and stupid store upped the price 2 bucks more in comparision to the Spring anthology that I bought from them =o=;;


[Magazine] Dengeki Girl’s Style January – Starry★Sky Cover

yes. I got this late lol. This issue came out almost a month ago in December, and it comes with a clearfile folder of the last issue’s cover image. It also has a poster of GS.

Anyways this particular one covers a big bit on Starry★Sky~