[Drama CD News] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Drama CD ~something else~

Exclusive get from C81 …and I’m yanking this off my tumblr and this is an Akazukin post anyways.
You CAN get this lineart book off various commercial sites, however the Under the Moon pamplet (Featuring art from Sakana for both Seizh and Leni antics) and lolpin were exclusives only. ; __ ; the other free Akzazukin pamphlets I wanted all ran out……

Anyways because I love all things Hiyo enough to post again just because she’s finally getting a drama CD out for it. Honestly I’m a bit surprised – considering her last CDs…


[News] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Cast + Countdown

A game I’m most most excited for – greatly compared to Riddle Garden. Sadly Tohjou Sakana isn’t the artist for this, but at least there’s still precious Hiyo who is writing the story.

Also in comparison to Riddle Garden, the toukuten’s and special edition version alone is just much much better. The animate washcloth alone though is sort of pretty different…

I didn’t order the single yet but am going to probably be running around once I get my copy.

Cast and their identities of Akazukin are under the cut~


[News] Calamelia Torte – New Sister Brand and other PC news

Most exciting news is now out, with Calamelia’s new sister brand and new game info :) based off Little Red Ridding Hood. It’ll also be focused much more on ero~


[News] AKSYS Otome Game Survey (English) – ENDED

Hi everyone! Still on Hiatus ;; since I’ve been busy trying to transfer out and get my own studies done…so no real time for fun.

However I wanted to put out that AKSYS Games, has an otome game survey out. AKSYS Games is known for localizing games.

Otome Game Survey

So if you’re interested, I HIGHLY recommend doing this – and it’s super easy questions. So who knows, maybe some otome games will get localized in the US, since they mention games mostly from Idea Factory.

Edit: This has ended so poll is over :)

Other info ~


[News] This year’s April Fools

NOTE: this is such a backlogged post for like the first week of april lol but I forgot to post it.

Anyways it was April 1st and of course some sites have some april fool’s jokes loitering around. 8D That goes the same for some otome sites, so here’s a brief well to some of the otome sites that changed.