[Drama CD News] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Drama CD ~something else~

Exclusive get from C81 …and I’m yanking this off my tumblr and this is an Akazukin post anyways.
You CAN get this lineart book off various commercial sites, however the Under the Moon pamplet (Featuring art from Sakana for both Seizh and Leni antics) and lolpin were exclusives only. ; __ ; the other free Akzazukin pamphlets I wanted all ran out……

Anyways because I love all things Hiyo enough to post again just because she’s finally getting a drama CD out for it. Honestly I’m a bit surprised – considering her last CDs…


[Otome Game Intro] Shall We Date?:”KONKATSU”for Marriage

Title: Shall We Date?:”KONKATSU”for Marriage /ドキ×2★婚活パーティ (Doki Doki Konkatsu Pati)
Creator: NTT Solmare
Release Date: 09.20.2011
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Other information: Only avaliable for I-Touch/I-Pad/I-Phone It’s available in English / with Japanese option too I believe. I am playing the English version, so there are some differences in the Japanese version (as in content/translation crossovers)

Summary: You play as an OL, and one day your friend Koume invites you to sign up with her to this Marriage Website. Since you’re both feeling pressure from peers and whatnot – you decide to go and meet other people who you might potentionally marry.


[Otome Game Review] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori

Game Title: Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori
Company: Calamelia Torte
Release Date: 05.20.11
Genre: R-18, Fantasy, Mystery
Voice: Full Voiced
Trial Version Available: Yes

Story: One day Tiana’s stepmother tells her to go out and visit her uncle …in the forest that no one wants to ever go to. However after following the map, almost dying from following that map, she stops joking with herself – knowing that her stepmother just wants Tiana to die. She the decides, she might as well go get eaten by a wolf – since at least she’d be of some use to someone. Turns out Okami doesn’t want to eat her however since she’s too much of a child. He then offers to Tiana, that she will stay with him until she turns into an adult that he then eat.

Also once in the forest you are not allowed to say anyone’s name (except Tiana for some reason) and those already in the forest are not allowed to leave.


[Merchandise] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori – Messe Sanoh Version

As to this date 8’D almost completed alllll endings on Akazukin. I did everyone’s main routes – so just need to do the a couple bad endings I have yet to finish. So will be writing up a review soon~All I can say is :/ due to the last character I did last night…if you saw me on twitter, I REALLY WANT A FANDISC NOW :<

Anyways seems Akazukin is doing super well – since they had to remake and restock a lot of stores with the game as well. If you’ve been keeping with them though – they’ll have more copies out as soon as possible.

Since I think this game was a steal for all the tokuten it came with – here’s my copy and other pictures under the cut~

in a nutshell I’m trying to advertise the freak out of this game, so maybe you guys will buy it, and it will get a fandisc hopefully lmaoo


[Game Spoilers] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori – Kitsune’s route

Already done with at least getting through two endings of Ookami-san, and his was pretty @ o @ ahh I’m loving this game so so so so so much more than Riddle Garden.

It’s a mix between Under the Moon/Ijiwaru My Master + Riddle Garden xD ahaha as expected of Hiyo. However as far as Tiana goes – she is my favorite heroine out of the games by Hiyo so far.

edit May 28, 2011: lmao since I wrote this post earlier this week (22/23?)- I’ve finished quite a bit of the game xD;; almost done~

Two endings down on Kitsune also, and will do another roundabout on their endings after going through everyone. :/ have to say I’m not a fan at all though of Yamaneko through. As expected of Yusa ahh but his character freaking keeps on trying to rape you in Ookami’s route and then again in Yamaneko’s truth route.

Going through Kitsune’s route in a nutshell and not all details minus the truth route. (Ending 2 only)

I’m not explaining the forest and it’s secret+Tiana so if you just want to read it for Kitsune/Tiana’s relationship only part on the route – it’s spoiler free on that part. Same goes for my in-coherent spazzing :)