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Long time no see again! No real excuses, besides the fact that I’m lazy to write up reviews. I still do play – but I don’t play everyone’s routes xD so I can’t really put reviews out for games I’ve finished. Too damn lazy to write up lengthy spoilers unless I love the character to death.

Currently for the past months, seiyuu and drama CDs has been my main though – since it’s easier to keep through with then sitting down relaxed and playing an otoge.

As for playing wise – I’m on and off playing Gekka + a bunch of other games in backloggg and getting back into Hakuouki. Probably most anticipated release right now is Arcana Famiglia :D

Really hoping that game is a hit since I just loveee the system and style of the game, so should be exciting!

And Azusa’s fancy figure came out a couple weeks ago – so hopefully those of you who ordered him also got him 8D Super nice painting, although I’m pretty sad that he isn’t in a more spectacular sort of pose.

[Blog] Hello hello again~

(my latest hobby, made from scratch 8’D)

IN QUICK SUMMARY: I’m back into otome games – and will be doing some reviews on english otome games for the I-Touch (or I-Phone for others).

Everything else in this entry is just expanding on it and my life, if you’re curious. And if you commented something about S*S.

If not 8D just stay tuned for the next post.


[News] Riddle Garden Trial won’t work??? & Follow Up

I was really surprised at how o.o some of this helps people, since honestly I sorta just rant out and sometimes not even the main aspects of the games. That and since majority was over me staying, I’ll take the suggestion of just blogging for what I want and to do. So I’ll be blogging as I want, and as I go ><

I’m sorry for any inconvenience it may have done, about me deleting my old reviews. So I’ll just be going on as I do. ^^ Thank you for the support.

Anyways this post is just a brief update about Riddle Garden, and the trial.


[Blog] White Butterfly Stats for the End of 2009 & Giveaway

So I never really posted about the stats for White Butterfly but since I started last June 2008 with a move to Kokidoum a little over a year later :D it’s been pretty good so far.

Thank you for over 110,000 hits everyone!!!


[Otome Games] Top Otome Games for 2009

This is just my own personal list, since I haven’t played everrrry single one that came out this year of course. I’ll just be doing top 3 only though :D