[Drama CD News] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Drama CD ~something else~

Exclusive get from C81 …and I’m yanking this off my tumblr and this is an Akazukin post anyways.
You CAN get this lineart book off various commercial sites, however the Under the Moon pamplet (Featuring art from Sakana for both Seizh and Leni antics) and lolpin were exclusives only. ; __ ; the other free Akzazukin pamphlets I wanted all ran out……

Anyways because I love all things Hiyo enough to post again just because she’s finally getting a drama CD out for it. Honestly I’m a bit surprised – considering her last CDs…


[Drama CD Review] Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1

Title: Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1
Seiyuu: Ishida Akira as Seito Keiichi
Release Dates: Comiket 80 – August 12 2011 (Comiket 80)
Public Release – September 14 2011

Out of alllll the drama CDs I’ve heard (excluding BL CDs, I mean the type of ones where the speaker is talking to ‘you’) this is the most WTF, awkward, and really disturbing CD I’ve heard. And I have the forgiving attitude like crazy on a lot of things, this is one thing I just can’t find appealing one bit – unless you’re a Ishida fan.

The premise of this CD is basically “I Love Pet” CDs but reversed. Instead of you having this magical special pet that can transform into a human (abit that’s a little weird on it’s own since they’re techincally an animal) – this series has YOU as the pet while a seiyuu cuddles and loves you to death.


[Merchandise] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori – Messe Sanoh Version

As to this date 8’D almost completed alllll endings on Akazukin. I did everyone’s main routes – so just need to do the a couple bad endings I have yet to finish. So will be writing up a review soon~All I can say is :/ due to the last character I did last night…if you saw me on twitter, I REALLY WANT A FANDISC NOW :<

Anyways seems Akazukin is doing super well – since they had to remake and restock a lot of stores with the game as well. If you’ve been keeping with them though – they’ll have more copies out as soon as possible.

Since I think this game was a steal for all the tokuten it came with – here’s my copy and other pictures under the cut~

in a nutshell I’m trying to advertise the freak out of this game, so maybe you guys will buy it, and it will get a fandisc hopefully lmaoo


[Food for Thought] Kiss x Bro – a Girl’s version of Kiss x Sis

I’m sure most of you girls or guys know about Kiss x Sis…or well maybe not most of you then again. Anyways Kiss x Sis is basically a brother and his two older twin sisters who love him waaaay much beyond sisterly love way too openly, but it’s okay since they’re not blood related.

Personally I like the series…although there are some random wtf moments like the latest episode and their watersports…but it’s a pretty sexually light (depends on your definition) anime and manga series.

However is there anything of the sorts that has twin brothers towards a female protagonist?

/T___T I’m really sorry to everyone and my readers that I’m really busy lately too as of late. Once June comes by I’m home free till my summer session starts.


[Drama CD] Seiza☆Danna Vol.1 『Starry☆Sky~Capricorn&Aqarius~』

Okay this CD is serious a favorite for me and I’m so freaking excited for the next danna CDs. Sort of backlogging on this since I listened to this a couple weeks ago honestly haha~

Warning on sorta spoiler image for their 5 year later image~