Blogging and other things~

Hello! It’s seriously been a long time… I have moved from the kokidokum host back to wordpress!

Anyways I have not blogged about otome games in a while since well I had real life to deal with and couldn’t catch up to the pace I used to since games were coming out like crazy.

Honestly looking at my old reviews gives me so much embarrassment. Grammar, my own translation mishaps, etc., but everyone grows and starts somewhere right? It is also just a blog for my own fun. I decided to just put them back up  if for some reason someone wants my review on something /years/ ago.

I do not plan to blog regularly for games and rather just thoughts. I mostly listen to drama cds nowadays moreso over actual games since it’s easier to get finished… In addition I plan to start up my older blogspot again for more personal blogposts. I thought again about combining the two- but it sort of feels weird since this blog was really only used for games or even the sometimes anime most of the time.

Really looking back on this blog although it was really something new back when I started since otome bloggers were nonexistent. Now there are many! :) I would suggest checking them out if you want a more regular update.


On a side note since recovering the posts from my older kokidokum blog – as a result there are a /lot/ of comments that have been lost. So if you have posted around the year 2012 to now on that site, sadly the comment is lost ): I may be able to look for it in my own email inbox from alerts…but won’t be able to recover it here. If for some reason you would like me to look for it just give me your comment name and email a note in the post and I’ll look it up to see if I have it.