[Drama CD News] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Drama CD ~something else~

Exclusive get from C81 …and I’m yanking this off my tumblr and this is an Akazukin post anyways.
You CAN get this lineart book off various commercial sites, however the Under the Moon pamplet (Featuring art from Sakana for both Seizh and Leni antics) and lolpin were exclusives only. ; __ ; the other free Akzazukin pamphlets I wanted all ran out……

Anyways because I love all things Hiyo enough to post again just because she’s finally getting a drama CD out for it. Honestly I’m a bit surprised – considering her last CDs…

Anyways – when she was back with Sugarbeans as well as Sakana, there are a bunch of CDs that came out with Under the Moon and Ijiwaru My Master. All those CDs are SAFE, I can’t vouch for all of the tokuten cds if you manage to get those – but the commercial ones are all safe for work if you are interested in purchasing them. Just the usual…kissy kissy love /fade out scenes. At least from what I can remember.

Riddle Garden didn’t really do that well so no need to go about any drama CDs for that…

Anyways for the last month and a half there’s been hints from Hiyo and Nishio that there is more to come for Akazukin and the release date is for 4/27

…figures all the drama CDs and figures I actually care about are all coming around in this storm …

Considering they’re now /somewhat/ going into the eroge side of drama CDs (most of the tokuten CDs featuring “not safe without headphones” ) …I wouldn’t entirely be surprised if that was but in here. However, if this is like a prologue CD since both Under the Moon and Ijiwaru My Master was given that, it’ll probably be safe.

Honestly though I can’t see anything that perverted with Hiyo’s situations in the drama CDs compared to the ones given in Aromarie’s …also with the fact that they’ve been putting that type of scenarios in their tokuten CDs since 2006 (correct me on this haha)

My two cents on this though, and I’m in heavy debate on getting this…probably will, but there’s so many other things coming out around the same time ;;


In other otome news, that I’m sure everyone nows now anyways – Arcana and hanayaka nari waga ichizoku getting animes. 8D One of my top games from playing last yearrrrrrrr, so super exciting…sort of. I’m scared at how they’re possibly going to animate it… but maybe we’ll get some figures.

Besides select games, all I spazz/have time to spazz about is seiyuu or drama CDs clearly.

Also looking forward to hearing more about this o3o

and of course the fandsic for Arcana

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