[Drama CD Review] Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1

Title: Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1
Seiyuu: Ishida Akira as Seito Keiichi
Release Dates: Comiket 80 – August 12 2011 (Comiket 80)
Public Release – September 14 2011

Out of alllll the drama CDs I’ve heard (excluding BL CDs, I mean the type of ones where the speaker is talking to ‘you’) this is the most WTF, awkward, and really disturbing CD I’ve heard. And I have the forgiving attitude like crazy on a lot of things, this is one thing I just can’t find appealing one bit – unless you’re a Ishida fan.

The premise of this CD is basically “I Love Pet” CDs but reversed. Instead of you having this magical special pet that can transform into a human (abit that’s a little weird on it’s own since they’re techincally an animal) – this series has YOU as the pet while a seiyuu cuddles and loves you to death.

Ishida Akira is the first to go, which first made me think, oh this will be a pretty light laidback series – since you’re a cat. I mean how much can you say to a cat?

Apparently a lot.


Anyways I looked on Amazon, and I saw some other blogs that were raving about it – since it’s pretty much supposed to be so cute. ;;; and I’ve never felt quite the absolute opposite.

Seito Keiichi (Ishida’s character) started out pretty…alright. He comes back from work, talking about “you” his cat and …and at first it’s okay. I mean I act pretty dorky stupid with my cats, but the…conversations he has with his cat later then started to just get gross. Throughout the whole CD he mixes in baby + cute talk, but add in a bunch of gross (as in disturbing/kimoi).

There is seriously SO MUCH SEXUAL INNUENDOS. When I expected like none since, why would you talk that stuff with your pet? /maybe this is just me though/ This is what turned me off from the entire CD. If you told me that “you” had transformed from some cat to a human, and THEN he went talking like this – fine. But this is just straight up cat.

Some scenes were pretty odd also since there was one track that had him freaking out about you (a cat) seeing him naked, going OMGJLDGSKDG YOU’RE A GIRL. There’s also the motorbike track, the “sexy” photos track., the way he’s like literally getting high off the way you smell, and a bunch of other ones.

Some of the lines however were really cute and would totally have made me excited/happy – but …you’re a cat.

At the end this just made me think – god this guy has issues. And if there’s guys like this in real life…please don’t talk to your animal with so much weird undertones.

I can’t find this cute. If anything I find this maybe hilarious (if I find time to push out how gross this makes me feel) – but I don’t see the appeal in listening to this CD.

Even if this was a date CD and in some world this is how a guy talks to his girlfriend, I’m not one for being talked to like a baby, the tone he uses, it’s just toooooo overload.

After thoughts

Only listen to this CD if you’re a Ishida Akira fan. Or you love being baby-talked to, or hearing super and I mean SUPER cute talked to. But remember, you’re a cat.

To me this was just eating a jar of sugar – but added in with something wrong, with all the sexual undertones and implications.

It is a 飼育系愛されCD …but I didn’t understand why they put in those undertones.

And there is bunch of omake tracks, but after his freetalk after like three minutes – there is a secret track so…

;;; Since this is Vol. 1 though…that must mean there may be more to come…here’s me hoping that Jun or any of my other favorites go on to doing this T__T or I’ll have to be forced to listening to the other ones.

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  1. Mimichii

     /  October 18, 2011

    Wow… just reading your review I feel super creeped out @_@ I mean it has a cute premise but then… all that stuff he says…. WTF I’m so creeped out now LOL XD

    Can’t unread/see (*′皿`艸)

  2. bambi

     /  December 6, 2011

    hi first comment…ever on your blog i think? been reading for a while but ya xD

    i honestly think this kind of story would be moe only to ppl who’ve never had pets before lol

    ugh. i can only imagine how creepy that would be T-T (man if ANYBODY around me talked to their cats with sexual undertones…)


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