[Drama CD Review] Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1

Title: Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1
Seiyuu: Ishida Akira as Seito Keiichi
Release Dates: Comiket 80 – August 12 2011 (Comiket 80)
Public Release – September 14 2011

Out of alllll the drama CDs I’ve heard (excluding BL CDs, I mean the type of ones where the speaker is talking to ‘you’) this is the most WTF, awkward, and really disturbing CD I’ve heard. And I have the forgiving attitude like crazy on a lot of things, this is one thing I just can’t find appealing one bit – unless you’re a Ishida fan.

The premise of this CD is basically “I Love Pet” CDs but reversed. Instead of you having this magical special pet that can transform into a human (abit that’s a little weird on it’s own since they’re techincally an animal) – this series has YOU as the pet while a seiyuu cuddles and loves you to death.