[Insert title here :D]


Long time no see again! No real excuses, besides the fact that I’m lazy to write up reviews. I still do play – but I don’t play everyone’s routes xD so I can’t really put reviews out for games I’ve finished. Too damn lazy to write up lengthy spoilers unless I love the character to death.

Currently for the past months, seiyuu and drama CDs has been my main though – since it’s easier to keep through with then sitting down relaxed and playing an otoge.

As for playing wise – I’m on and off playing Gekka + a bunch of other games in backloggg and getting back into Hakuouki. Probably most anticipated release right now is Arcana Famiglia :D

Really hoping that game is a hit since I just loveee the system and style of the game, so should be exciting!

And Azusa’s fancy figure came out a couple weeks ago – so hopefully those of you who ordered him also got him 8D Super nice painting, although I’m pretty sad that he isn’t in a more spectacular sort of pose.