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Hello! It’s seriously been a long time… I have moved from the kokidokum host back to wordpress!

Anyways I have not blogged about otome games in a while since well I had real life to deal with and couldn’t catch up to the pace I used to since games were coming out like crazy.

Honestly looking at my old reviews gives me so much embarrassment. Grammar, my own translation mishaps, etc., but everyone grows and starts somewhere right? It is also just a blog for my own fun. I decided to just put them back up  if for some reason someone wants my review on something /years/ ago.

I do not plan to blog regularly for games and rather just thoughts. I mostly listen to drama cds nowadays moreso over actual games since it’s easier to get finished… In addition I plan to start up my older blogspot again for more personal blogposts. I thought again about combining the two- but it sort of feels weird since this blog was really only used for games or even the sometimes anime most of the time.

Really looking back on this blog although it was really something new back when I started since otome bloggers were nonexistent. Now there are many! :) I would suggest checking them out if you want a more regular update.


On a side note since recovering the posts from my older kokidokum blog – as a result there are a /lot/ of comments that have been lost. So if you have posted around the year 2012 to now on that site, sadly the comment is lost ): I may be able to look for it in my own email inbox from alerts…but won’t be able to recover it here. If for some reason you would like me to look for it just give me your comment name and email a note in the post and I’ll look it up to see if I have it.

[Drama CD News] Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori Drama CD ~something else~

Exclusive get from C81 …and I’m yanking this off my tumblr and this is an Akazukin post anyways.
You CAN get this lineart book off various commercial sites, however the Under the Moon pamplet (Featuring art from Sakana for both Seizh and Leni antics) and lolpin were exclusives only. ; __ ; the other free Akzazukin pamphlets I wanted all ran out……

Anyways because I love all things Hiyo enough to post again just because she’s finally getting a drama CD out for it. Honestly I’m a bit surprised – considering her last CDs…

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[Drama CD Review] Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1

Title: Aishite ageru nya -Boku no Peto- Vol. 1
Seiyuu: Ishida Akira as Seito Keiichi
Release Dates: Comiket 80 – August 12 2011 (Comiket 80)
Public Release – September 14 2011

Out of alllll the drama CDs I’ve heard (excluding BL CDs, I mean the type of ones where the speaker is talking to ‘you’) this is the most WTF, awkward, and really disturbing CD I’ve heard. And I have the forgiving attitude like crazy on a lot of things, this is one thing I just can’t find appealing one bit – unless you’re a Ishida fan.

The premise of this CD is basically “I Love Pet” CDs but reversed. Instead of you having this magical special pet that can transform into a human (abit that’s a little weird on it’s own since they’re techincally an animal) – this series has YOU as the pet while a seiyuu cuddles and loves you to death.

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[Otome Game Intro] Shall We Date?:”KONKATSU”for Marriage

Title: Shall We Date?:”KONKATSU”for Marriage /ドキ×2★婚活パーティ (Doki Doki Konkatsu Pati)
Creator: NTT Solmare
Release Date: 09.20.2011
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Other information: Only avaliable for I-Touch/I-Pad/I-Phone It’s available in English / with Japanese option too I believe. I am playing the English version, so there are some differences in the Japanese version (as in content/translation crossovers)

Summary: You play as an OL, and one day your friend Koume invites you to sign up with her to this Marriage Website. Since you’re both feeling pressure from peers and whatnot – you decide to go and meet other people who you might potentionally marry.

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[Insert title here :D]


Long time no see again! No real excuses, besides the fact that I’m lazy to write up reviews. I still do play – but I don’t play everyone’s routes xD so I can’t really put reviews out for games I’ve finished. Too damn lazy to write up lengthy spoilers unless I love the character to death.

Currently for the past months, seiyuu and drama CDs has been my main though – since it’s easier to keep through with then sitting down relaxed and playing an otoge.

As for playing wise – I’m on and off playing Gekka + a bunch of other games in backloggg and getting back into Hakuouki. Probably most anticipated release right now is Arcana Famiglia :D

Really hoping that game is a hit since I just loveee the system and style of the game, so should be exciting!

And Azusa’s fancy figure came out a couple weeks ago – so hopefully those of you who ordered him also got him 8D Super nice painting, although I’m pretty sad that he isn’t in a more spectacular sort of pose.